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Fork & Man Lifts Sales, Maintenance and Service

Fork & Man Lifts Sales, Maintenance and Service

Lifts may become hazardous if maintenance is neglected and repairs or adjustments are not performed. BWS Industrial Services Inc. strongly recommends that all powered industrial lifts have maintenance and inspections performed regularly.  For over 40 years, customers have relied on our service expertise to keep their products moving.

Forklift service and forklift maintenance require three things.

Competent In House Forklift Service Technicians.

Our in house, mobile fork lift service technicians, BWS Industrial Services Inc is capable of repairing or maintaining any kind of forklift, no matter what size the job is. Whether it is brand new or twenty years old, or whether your forklift is electric, diesel, or LP, our skilled service technicians can repair or service your forklift.

Quick Access to repair / service replacement parts

You must have a competent and responsive fork lift parts process. Correctly sourcing forklift parts can be very challenging. Having served this industry for over 40 years, we have developed a strong in house parts inventory as well as working relationships with our industry’s parts suppliers that allows us to get parts quick and at reasonable prices.

Customer service.

We have worked hard over the last 40+ years to develop a team that can continually exceed industry expectations.  We strive to under commit and over deliver.   We respond quickly and accurately to any and all of your fork lift sales, service or repair needs.

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