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What is the lighting and alarms standard?

What is the lighting and alarms standard?

I review PM sheets and work orders all the time that state that the lighting and alarms on trucks are not working or are damaged.

When I question why these Items are not being repaired or replaced, the answer is usually that it is expensive or that they are tired of repairing them.   There is no current standard or regulation from any state or federal agency stating that these items must be on your equipment. But there are regulations regarding the health and welfare of your employees and the safe operation of your facility. Lighting, noise, congestion, traffic, and pedestrians are all factors that determine what the requirements are for your operation.
Proper and continual maintenance is required and if these items are on your equipment either from the OEM or added due to your application that they must be operational.

Let’s ask some questions:

  • Are they located to fit the operation?
  • Are they installed properly, wiring, mounting?
  • Are they the right type of lighting, accessory?
  • Are your operators trained and do they practice safe operation of the equipment?
  • Are there facility areas that need improvement or extra operator attention?

Every operation and facility is different and the standard installation may not meet your needs. If you take the time to review your operation and discuss with your operators about where the problem areas are you will probably be surprised that the solution is relatively simple.

If you describe the problem with words like, damaged, bent, broken, cracked, etc., you need to look at vehicle placement, application and operator. If you describe the problem as, loose, disconnected, blown, etc. you need to look at proper installation, maintenance, quality, and type of equipment you are using.

I understand that you get tired of doing repairs over and over, but with a little work in the areas described above you can greatly reduce your expense and exposure with these most often overlooked items.

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