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On or Off Site Mobile Tire Repair & Replacement

On or Off Site Mobile Tire Repair & Replacement

BWS Industrial Services Inc. a full line of Solid press-on, Elastomeric and Solid Pneumatic tires available for most any type of forklift or industrial equipment.

New Rhino Rubber Pneumatic Shaped Solid Tires

Pneumatic Shaped Solid Tires Pneumatic shaped solids are compatible with standard pneumatic rims typically used in most material handling applications.

ADVANTAGES: • Longer wear and extended service life • High shock absorption properties, smooth ride • Low energy consumption • Good stability and braking in high load applications

THREE LAYER CONSTRUCTION: •  High strength steel reinforced base rubber – eliminating wheel spin, and fining in high torque applications • Energy efficient cushion mid-layer- provides good shock absorption reducing shock transmit ion to material handling equipment • Wear resistant tread – providing extended service life, stability and improved braking properties

New Rhino Rubber Soft Max™ Solid Tires

New Rhino Rubber Soft Max™ Solid Tires 

Rhino Rubber introduces the Soft Max™ tire. The unique side wall design “Xtra Wall” offers added stability and strength. The heavy duty ring guard protects the wheel and tire against side wall stress and impact damage. This heavy duty side wall design is one of the three stages of strength in addition to the soft core, providing “Soft Max” users greater tire performance in forklift and other industrial equipment applications.

Please call Rhino Rubber at 877-RHINO-03 for cost savings information.

Rhino Rubber will carry these Soft Max sizes: – Same dimensions as press-on tires offered by Rhino Rubber – Offering 8″ through 20″ in resilient sizes.

ADVANTAGES: • Three stages of strength • Soft core • Xtra Wall • Heavy duty ring guard

Innovation in Solid Tire Performance

Rhino Rubber K2 Innovation in Solid Tire Performance 

Amerityre Corp., Boulder City, Nevada, USA has developed an innovative new KRYON material for use with industrial truck and material handling applications. Combined with a new state-of-the-art high-tech manufacturing process, this new exciting product offers the following benefits to industrial tire users:

ADVANTAGES: • Greater carrying and load capacities than rubber tires • Lower rolling resistance than leading electric compound rubber tires • Improved wear properties and extended service life over rubber tires in the most severe applications • Non-marking – “Keeping it Clean”.

With our mobile tire press equipment,  we can come to your place of business to keep your forklift up and running with minimal downtime.

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