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OSHA REGULATION 1910.178 battery and charging

Subparagraph (g) – changing and charging storage batteries.
(g) – Changing and charging storage batteries

  1. Battery charging installations shall be located in areas designed for that purpose.
  2. Facilities shall be provided for flushing and neutralizing spilled electrolyte, for fire protection, for protecting charging apparatus from damage by trucks, and for adequate ventilation for dispersal of fumes from gassing batteries.
  3. (O.S.H.A. deleted)
  4. A conveyor, overhead hoist, or equivalent material handling equipment shall be provided for handling batteries.
  5. Reinstalled batteries shall be properly positioned and secured in the truck.
  6. A carbon filter or siphon shall be provided for handling electrolyte.
  7. When charging batteries, acid shall be poured into water; water shall not be poured into acid.
  8. Trucks shall be properly positioned and brake applied before attempting to change or charge batteries.
  9. Care shall be taken to assure that vent caps are functioning. The battery (or compartment) cover(s) shall be opened to dissipate heat.
  10. Smoking shall be prohibited in the charging area.
  11. Precautions shall be taken to prevent open flames, sparks or electric arcs in battery charging areas.
  12. Tools and other metallic objects shall be kept away from the top of uncovered batteries.